Guys - Do you like long hair or short hair on a girl? What hair color do you love best?

Girls- Do you like guys with short medium or longer hair and what color?

I personally have long red (natural) hair :P and I am think red head guys (natural) are hot LOL what about you?


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  • I think it totally depends on the guy. Like Matthew Fox looks great with his short hair, even though I usually perefer longer. But then some other guys look great with longer hair, ruffled in that sexy surfer way. Equally, other guys look great with medium hair. I think all styles look great on different guys, but personally I HATE ginger hair on guys!

    • Ya some look REALLY bad in it LOL I agree if it suits the guy ya I like it if it doesn't it just looks werid

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What Guys Said 1

  • I like long hair. Nothing shorter then shoulder length.

    Your right there is nothing better in this world then a redhead!

    Followed by brown then blond


What Girls Said 1

  • I like brown curly hair... Just long enough so you can actually see the curls. But not long enough to even remotly look like a fro