Girls, what do you think if a attractive guy has on nice smelling cologne?

I got a compliment from a girl today but it just made me wonder what other girls thought


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  • Love, love, LOVE it. I usually compliment them b/c I know us girls like to get complimented that we smell nice, so I think guys would appreciate it too especially if they put in the effort (:

    • It never happens to me and I wear really good colognes here's just a few polo red, dolce and gabanna the one, ysl lhomme, abercrombie and fitch fierce

    • To me, I really don't care if it's a high brand cologne, if the guy smells good, he smells good. I'm sure you smell fine, just don't put too much on for it to be overbearing--I personally like it when the guy only puts enough to catch my nose's attention, so that if I like what I'm smelling, I sniff deeper, lol.


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  • When that happen I feel like hugging that person and stay there. I don't know why but I have tired it before almost fell asleep on the guy. LOl There is something about colongne and that make me feel safe and like everything I have done is no longer important. But if its to much I am like stay away but if its just right I am like yes hug me! Pretend to care about me! lol