How much will bleach damage my hair?

So I really want to dye/bleach my hair blonde, my hair is currently dark brown (I've been dying it for 2 years) but my natural color is an ashy dark blonde color. My hair is really healthy and really volumptuous and thick.

But I don't know how much the bleach will damage it? Like I'll probably only have to bleach it once or twice on the same day but won't be bleaching or dying it that much after that. Wil the amount of damage be really noticeable?


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  • You should let a hairstylist do it. And you should DEFINITELY NOT bleach it twice on the same day. You have to let your hair relax for at least 2 weeks. Plus, it's very likely that you won't get any good results the second time you bleach it if you try to get it all done in a day. Like I said your hair needs to rest. My friend had dark and kind of reddish hair a few months ago and then decided she wanted to go with the gray/silver trend. So she started the process of bleaching. She had to bleach it several times and I witnessed first hand how barely any color got removed when the bleaching sessions were too close together. It was really frustrating to see practically no result at all. I helped her apply the bleach and I made sure to really massage it in but nothing happened.
    If you've been using box dye, then it will be even harder to get rid of. You might have to bleach it up to 6 times.


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  • Go to a hairstylist to do it for you. Bleaching is tough, especially for someone who hasn't done it before.

  • yea i've heard that bleaching hair causes A LOT of damage