How should I dress for an outdoor choral concert tonight?

It sounds lovely, it's by the lake, but it's outside and I'll be sitting in freezing temperature for over 2 hours. I can't figure out what to wear to make sure I'm warm. Any idea?

I'm literally going to wear what you suggest!


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  • Nice clothes (shirt and pants appropriate for fall, not a dress or skirt) and a nice (ideally wool) coat, with a scarf and knit hat you can put in your pockets if you end up not wanting/needing them. :) Warm shoes. Gloves would also be nice.

    Dress nice but not formal.

    Enjoy the show.


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  • Hello!

    I'd suggest wearing nice black slacks, leggings, or jeans. You could wear whichever shirt you'd like, because it would (hopefully) be covered by a coat. Wear a nice, clean looking coat. You could wear nice earrings to class it up a little. I'd also suggest wearing a warm scarf, and a cute knitted hat or one of those knitted headband things that go over your head to keep your ears warm. If it's really cold, you could bring cute mittens. If you have knee-high boots, those would look nice. :)

    Good luck and have fun at the concert!

    • It's really really cold. I think I would die if I wore leggings lol...

    • Hmm, sorry. It's fall here and not too cold, so I guess I wasn't thinking. Wear the warmest pants you have then, love. xx


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  • Whatever you wear, make sure you are warm, two hours is a long time to be cold - I would go boots, jeans/heavy trousers, warm top and coat maybe a scarf/hat/gloves combo.

  • Dark heavy clothing. I'm surprised they're doing a show like that in the cold. Cold temperatures cause instruments to go flat

    • It's choral, so just voices :)

    • Same diff.

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  • leggings! and a long dress! With a north face jacket and glove or all leather.

    • Oh my gosh it's way too cold for leggings and a dress! I will freeze to death lol

    • not if you buy good quality legging or thermal clothing.