Do guys care a lot about looks?

People always say that they won't really care how you look if they really love you, but still even if you love the person you know when something isn't pretty.

I know I'm not ugly but I think I have a lot of flaws that often make me feel just grossed out about myself. I look at other girls and they don't have all those flaws I have and it just makes me feel worse. And no I'm not talking about magazine girls that are photo shopped, I mean just any common girl.

Even if they say they care more about personality, I bet they wouldn't mind at all to have a better looking girl. I'm really self conscious and I don't like people to see my flaws at all but, if I plan to get married and all that then it's gonna be a huge problem and I wonder if I can really do it... yes, just because of physical appearance. Anyways...I just need some comforting words.


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  • I'm all about personality. How you look doesn't make you unattractive, how you act does. To me, looks are things you cannot change such as your face. Things like yellow teeth, unkempt hair, sweaty pits etc though they affect how you look, they also say something about your personality (In this case, they don't care about hygiene)

    Don't think you have flaws. You simply have something that helps make you who you are. If you want to look more attractive, then smile. A pretty face is a smiling face.


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  • i didn't read all of your question but I will tell you that I personally do care a lot about looks. Some guys don't care others take it too far but that's the way it is. Regardless of the way you look you should have confidence.

  • It's true if you love someone then there absolutely beautiful to you. A lot of guys are shallow, but when they grow up they start to see personality just as much or more than looks. In the end personality matters more anyways


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