Girls, I like wearing panties, thongs especially.. what's wrong with me? I can't help it they mare me feel sexy ?


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  • Nothing is wrong with you.

    • Thanks for that. I wish I'd be allowed to wear them more though :)

    • Allowed to? Surely you can decide on your own underwear. In my opinion I think everyone should wear what they want whatever it might be; it's really quite silly to say that e. g. dresses and skirts are for girls when there was a time when men wore it too. You do you. :-)

    • You're right, and i am rightnow lol :) wouldn't you be a little weirded out if your guy friend had some on though?

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  • Um it does feel kind of wrong I guess? I mean specially if you're a straight dude... But you're free to do whatever you want..

    • It's weird. And yes, I just like the feeling of them probably just as you do. It's so erotic to me !

  • Are you a cross dresser?

    • Haha , no but I wouldn't be against it!!!

    • Lol ok. I don't know then. Maybe you like wearing them in general

    • I just like them :) I can't help it lol