Can anybody tell me if this is a Kimono?

Can anybody tell me if this is a Kimono?
Because it doesn't look that fancy. It is just simple, pretty and kind of different. It doesn't seem like it is a bother to wear and move around with too. How can I get one like that if I am not living in Japan? and is it called kimono or is it a special type of kimono?

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  • She is wearing a Hakama which is a type of traditional Japanese clothing. I have one myself since I am a student of Iaido. You can order a hakama online.

    • Oh thank you very much! That is why it looks different and no wonder it looks easy to move with, and awesome that you actually learn laido that is so cool! How long have you been learning? do you think it helps in everday life?

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    • Thanks for pointing that. Do you know any good websites?
      That is so cool! But I feel although it is awesome, these days you can't use a sword to defend yourself cause you can't carry it around unlike other defensive martial arts which you can apply if you felt in danger. What do you think? Or is it just the mediation part that makes it helpful in daily life?

    • Hi sorry for the late reply. I need to ask my sensei since he knows more about ordering them. Actually Iaido is very useful even in fighting. You don't always need a sword. There are techniques that train your body and you can use them for self defense but instead of the sword, you use your fists.


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  • Looks like one and you can get them online

    • But I want this specific type so I want to know what's its name so I can find it online maybe

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    • I'm sorry I dont

    • It's ok thank you

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  • It's probably not a kimono. Real kimonos are made out of pure silk and cost a couple grand depending on the design of it. It looks like what they wear underneath of their kimonos (geisha have layers) and real kimonos usually have very beautiful designs all over them. Also, since real kimonos are made of silk, they're pretty heavy.

    • Wow I never knew!

    • Yeah it definitely doesn't look like Kimono is much simpler and seem easy to move around with. Thames said it is a Hakama which makes sense. I think this is a girly version of Hakama.

  • This has to be the most intersting question ever thank u asker!

    • Wow thank you, @apple24 :)
      I bet you are interested in the Japanese culture too

    • yes I am but I don't know as much as u