Girls, Are skirts nice to wear?

Hi, just wondering what it's like to wear a skirt. I've been tempted to try but realise this probably sounds strange. I know they look good on girls, but on a guy, well not so sure. I've window shopped and seen some really nice looking skirts and think what a great change to wear a skirt instead of trousers all the time. What do you think? Should I try one? If so, what type of skirt? I've looked at plain colored bodycon style and think these look really cool and smart. Have also looked at pencil style, but just not sure if I should actually try them. Thanks for any tips etc.

Thanks for the tips.

#michelle3685: The kilt is a good idea but they are very expensive. Also, had not considered a pleated skirt. Were you thinking of a long or short one?

#Complicated-soul: Don't think I fancy lungi's but this was a good suggestion, thanks.

So far I now have pleated, pencil and bodycon skirts on my list.
I was in town the other day and saw a black bodycon skirt which I thought looked so nice. In the end I could not resist and went in and bought It! When I got home, tried it on and it fitted, phew. I really like it, and yes skirts are comfortable. It's a little shorter than I had originally planned on getting but having put it on, think it's ok!

Thanks again for all the help.


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  • Love them, dresses too. Try a kilt to see what you think and to gauge others reactions, if in public. If it goes ok, then move on to a nice pleated skirt.

    • Go with something just above the knee.

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    • As long as it covers the goodies, with a few inches to spare, you should be good.

    • OK, that is what I have been thinking. The skirts I have been looking at should be OK in terms of length. I might treat myself to one soon. Thanks for your help!


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  • Just try one you like. I'm into Korean models and idols and I've seen some guys wearing skirt and looking cool. Like this guy (Key):

  • Skirts are amazing. I honestly hate wearing pants

  • I hate wearing skirts because I definitely do not sit like a lady.

  • Go wear a lungi instead. I heard they are comfy too.
    And yes skirts are comfortable.