Just Asking: Girls around me are always glamorous. So I am just wondering if you guys prefer the effortless beauty or the glam beauty look?

In my social group, all the girls are always dolled up with coloured perfect hair, eyelash extensions, thick makeup, manicure, pedicure, heels and glamorous clothes. I'm the only one whose always with messy wavy locks, natural makeup, nothing done on my nails and hair, always dressed in oversized sweaters with leggings or maxi dresses with denim jacket, clothes that are more 'plain' compared to the glam girls and always in sneakers or flat pumps. I do glam up once in a while if I have a date, meeting or appointment but I don't really think being really good looking is my top priority. However my girlfriends beg to differ as they feel being glam definitely attract more men though I find it not true (and neither do I really care for the attention). So I want to prove to them a point. What do you guys think of girls who are more natural? (Think Hermione Granger, Emma Stone, Kendall Jenner) Versus girls who are always glamorous (Think Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, etc)


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  • I like a girl with crazy hair all messed up and leggings 😂 I don't really go for the glam


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  • Natural is always better but with bits of glamour like a french manicure in your plain clothes as you call them... Flicked eyelashes are cute too


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  • The truth is, those girls are generally more likely to get approached, asked out, find a boyfriend, etc. Guys say they don't like that stuff in theory, but the majority of them don't look at a girl with manicured eyebrows and nails with full makeup and a contour and say "eehhhhh not for me"

  • eh I am the un-glamours type... maybe they are right about the approaching thing but for me I rather not have to worry about looking nice all the time!