Would he stop liking me??

so I was talking with my friends and I'm an 'emo' girl and my crush is emo to. any way my friends were asking if I cut and I was like "I'm not em like that..." and my crush heard. but he doesn't cut either. I just love the style and music. but since he heard that would he stop liking me anyway? I really regret saying it.


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  • why should it matter that you don't cut?

    if a guy stops liking you because you don't cut then he's not worth your time.. no guy should want their girl to do that.

    i doubt he will stop liking you but if he does then he's no worth it and move on.


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  • Are you f*cking kidding me?

    1st off, he's a fag. 2nd, why would you not cutting make any difference in whether or not he likes you?


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  • why do people not just talk to each other and get to know them rather than listen to others? if your crush won't listen to you then I don't think it's worth it. one of the guys I liked wouldn't listen to me when I told him the truth and some other girl told him a lie and he chose to believe the lie. unfortunately isn't it? well, if he's the one for you, he'll have to respect your preference in music and style

  • Any guy that is only interested in girls that mutilate their bodies like that is not someone you want to be with. So assuming your crush is a nice guy and that he doesn't cut either, it probably doesn't matter to him that you chose not to cut. In fact, that may make him respect you more.