Did I totally ruin it?

so I went on a date with this guy(our first date) but one thing led to another and we just started making out and grinding a little bit but that was all I was going to do ha ha he said he likes me and stuff and that we'll hang out again but I don't know if that's true I feel like I gave him the impression that I would be willing to put out on the first date or something which I definitely wouldn't :( and I'm scared that we won't hang out again but anyways did I mess up my chances of becoming his potential gf?


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  • i don't think you ruined it , he just might think you won't be difficult to fool around with but that doesn't really matter in the long run as if the 2 of you were to date you'd end up doing things anyways right ? I'm one who doesn't believe its wrong to do things rate away , I'm one who goes with the flow and does what's right in each situation , I don't have set limits as to what can be done .


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  • If he's too much of a douche to date you because you didn't "put out", you don't really end up missing out on anything. If he he still wants to date you, you get a boyfriend.

    You win either way.


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  • I think if it felt right, then it's probably better to go wt the flow.. Worse then an IDEA some one has in the abstract, is the cold atmosphere of a contrived encounter.. If you guys were comfortable, then his impression of you will be that he felt comfortable.

    If he is going to judge you on an act HE was at least half of, then that means you are looking forward to being on eggshells the whole time, trying to make sure he does not get the WRONG IDEA.. If you feel weird about for yourself, hen just decide you want to take it slower, but you had a good time & the date is done. Learn from it & practice what you decide to take from the lesson.

    I understand tho.. I have been thinking about the same thing.. Message me if you want- I am in a VERY SIMILAR situation Ha, ha., ha, ... I almost wrote your post , but now I don't have to.^