Seriously, is 128 pounds and 5'7-5'8 bad?

Would you be attracted to a man who is that weight and height? What if he had a cute face?


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  • I'm your height and I used to weigh 135 pounds without even being close to "omg look at him" skinny, so I don't think weighing 7 pounds less would be awful. It depends how it's distributed. If you have a big upper body and a tiny stomach/waist then it might look odd but overall I think you're fine.


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  • lol yeah that is really skinny!

    its not that that heigh and weight combo is unnattractive, its just that every girl likes something different

    • Ok, what do you consider an attractive weight for 5'7 or 5'8?

  • Well those are my exact measurements.

    If I liked him, I don't see why not.

    • So in other words, someone this height and weight wouldn't catch your eye? I'm trying to figure out why girls don't ever check me out and I think it's because of my body. (my face is actually quite nice)

    • Hm, probably. Most girls like tall guys. But there have been plenty of small guys that I would have dated.

    • And need to gain weight! :)

  • I don't mind. So long as he is taller than me and I like him, I couldn't care less.

  • I find short guy's gross, I don't care how cute he is.

    • So, you find Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp gross? All three are under 6 feet tall..... Hell, Depp is a midget.

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    • Good point soxfan. Unfortunately, a lot of girls are shallow like that.

    • Yeah a lot are, but if that's their preference I'm fine with it. To be honest, I prefer to date girls shorter than me generally so I don't think it's anything mean. Still, to have a cemented cutoff point is odd to me, since some of the best girls I've dated were a little taller than me. When there's good reason, I always feel that an exception should be possible. Nothing is as cut and dry as we think beforehand.

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  • damn son eat a couple steaks or somethin