When girls say they want short hair do they always go through with it?

I mention to a girl I like that I want to shorten my hair slightly (I said in a little bit). She said she wanted a quiff but isn't emotionally ready. She has very long hair down to her waist. she's 15. Will she go through with it or think about it and decide against it. Have you ever changed your mind on going from long to short is my question and do you think I could talk her into the female quiff that you can do with long hair like Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Only one of her friends has short hair and she cut it like the about 6 months ago.


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  • I had super long hair, that went pass my butt up until 6th grade. I wanted it off so I gut it chin length, or rather had my mom cut it. It didn't suit my face shape, but at least I learned since then. I have tried many styles, it's ok because hair usually grows back.


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  • Going from long to short is a big decision for people - What if you don't like it, it takes a fair bit of time to grow it back. Ultimately it is her decision what to do with her hair, don't pressure her just say you think she will look good with the short hair or a long hair quiff and see what she does with the information,


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  • Why do you want her hair cut so badly? Are you attracted to her but feel you'd be more so if it was short?

    • No, I don't want her to cut it but want to weight up the chances she'll go through with it

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    • Do it. Good luck❤️

    • Thanks!

  • A lot of girls want to do it but get scared and don't have the courage. I know this girl who got to the hairdresser and just couldn't do it! Personally, I was fine with it when I decided that was what I really wanted. If she's sure she'll probably do it!


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