Why do I look different everyday?

i hate it, some days I'm satisfied with the way I look and others I don't want to leave the house because of being completely and utterly disgusted with my self.

and no it doesn't depend on my mood cause I could be the happiest person on earth then look in the mirror and want to kill myself. I then get upset and everyone tells me to chill out or I'm seeing things but of course they say that, they don't want to hurt my feelings.

is this just a phase or am I doomed for life?

i mean, I don't even know what I truly look like. :((

thanks everyone! :))


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  • Typically I hate magazines like Glamour and such because they promote unreal women, but they did have a spread about this exact problem. For a month they had a woman take a picture of herself in her underwear and bra every morning, and keep a diary of how she felt that day. Some days she loved how she looked, some days were "fat" days. But to you and me? She looked the exact same in every picture. You'll eventually realize that even though you feel gross for whatever reason, it's literally just in your head. Guys have fat days too, they just don't broadcast them. You'll get over it, trust me. Until then, just try to deal as best possible. Wear something a little more flowy if you're feeling bigger.


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  • I get this too and it hate it somedays I'm proud and happy with my looks and others I'm soooo down and gutted! I ask myself is this really what I look like!
    I think this has a lot to do with my eyes because some days they can look Asian and others they look normal.
    I think it has a lot to do with how much sleep I get! Everyday I look in the same mirror and I can look either really good or just horrible I don't know how to fix this

  • This is a phase. In psychology they call it the "egocentric" phase. While its nice to keep an attractive appearance, the truth of the matter is everyone isn't looking at you. They have their own lives and how your hair or skin looks, or what clothes you have on doesn't matter to them. It feels like everyone is looking at you but in reality people probably can't even remember what you wore yesterday. However if your talking to a cute boy, look nice haha.

    • I could care less if people think I'm ugly, like honestly if someone came up to me and said I looked like sh*t or something about the way I look, I wouldn't give a f***. it's just how I see myself if I think I look gross my whole day is ruined because I get depressed and hate life.

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  • It could be just a phase that will develop into a much bigger problem if you don't take it seriously now. Get some professional help befoer it spirals out of control and into an eating disorder. Always love what you look like because no one else looks like you :) If you like what you look like some days remember those days when you're feeling bad and tell yourself you're sexy and walk out of the house with confidence! Remeber guys are attracted to confident girls.

  • i so have this issue, the last couple of years, I was really bad.. I wouldn't really go out, I would make uhm some excuse because I didn't like the way I looked, so I missed out on a lot.. I don't know how this happened.. but things got better for me, and I am functioning normally now.i do have my days. but their far and in between.. so I can def relate to this. hope it gets better for you, as it did me! maybe you could have bdd.. body dismorphic disorder.. its where people over obess, about a flaw that they have. its usually unimagined, other people don't see it, but you do. so they try to disguise it and such. there's a lot more too this disorder, if your curious, you should look it up! its really interesting and sad at the same time.