Why some people act like that?

when you treat some people so nice and respect,understand,care,help them they just put you down their shoes and treat you like a sh*t.

i just found that on people in my school.

they think that they are better then you and of course they aren't.

they disappoint you or give up on you or put you down their shoes.

especially friends.

should I be that bitch so I can get some respect ?


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  • never change who you are for other people.

  • you don't have to become bitches like them but you shouldnt be a doormat either. people can sense weakness so if you are overly nice to a point you find yourself being taken advantage of, be more assertive and don't let people walk all over you. remember, no one can walk all over you unless you lay down. there are always going to be stuck up snooty negative people but who needs people like that? don't get caught up in the negative reactions of others that will only bring you down.