What do guys wear to dress up?

What do guys wear when they dress up for a special event or party? Like girls have casual party clothes, formal, fancy, glamorous etc...
I know guys wear jeans and a nice tee for causal parties like a house party or something, and suits to go somewhere really special, but what about an event in between casual and suit? For a party he's gotta dress up for but not be as dressed up as wearing a suit?

And post pics of examples too if you have any please.


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  • Really nothing much only a dress shirt, a good pair of jeans or trousers and a good pair of leather shoes.


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  • Some just wear their "special" jean with a fancy-ish button up shirt and sometimes t-shirt under. At least that's what the guys i know wear or what makes some guys look sexy is a vest kinda t-shirt with suspenders, i have a pic of that but it's on my other phone now|:


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