How can I maintain eye contact longer?

If a guy is into you, how long (in seconds) would they usually maintain eye contact? And it seems as though I glance up, see him looking at me but am startled because I didn't know if he liked me. So I'll glance away too quickly perhaps giving off the wrong impression... Is there a trick any of you use to maintain eye contact longer?


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  • A guy will sometimes look at you for a long time until they're seen looking at you. If you want to send your message across without words; just stare at them dead centre in their eyes for maybe 30 seconds or so...

    He'll figure out that your intrigued by him somehow.


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  • It just means that you're shy. Nothing to be ashamed of. Look him in the eyes and count off a few seconds. That should be sufficient. I don't think that you're giving off a bad perception. I actually think that it's probably cuter that you turn red and look away. Also, when you look away, you can smile. I'd like that.

    • Thank you but the thing is I'm NOT shy. A few months ago, we'd flirt and talk a lot more and we'd maintain eye contact longer without me glancing away. Then things got a little off just because we didn't talk as much and now it's hard going back to the happy flirty original stage ya know? So I don't know but I'm not that shy normally and he knows it. I need a sign to regain my confidence, such as a flirty comment from him or a joke or a mention of our inside jokes. I'm just very confused! No confidence..

    • I'm not saying that you're shy in general, but shy with him. Maybe you weren't before, but it seems like you get shy whenever you two flirt now. About the confidence thing, why do you feel that you're so out of your depth all of a sudden? You've flirted with him before?

  • I will look for 4 seconds at most but both of you smiling during eye contact is just as important in finding out whether you like eachother. A lot of guys take looking away quickly either in a good way or in a bad way depending on how you looked at him. guys staring usually meens he likes you, however maintaining eye contact you just do it, try to ignore all else around you and your thoughts and it should just happen, you will know when to stop looking, but the standard I think is 3 - 4 seconds


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