What looks the best on a girl?? Like as if she looks really hot!!

No I'm not bi I'm just asking so I can get guys to notice me!

Hey I'm skinny just to let you know!


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  • A lot of it depends on your body type. i.e. if your tall, short, leggy, busty.

    It also depends on your style. I'm more casual so I tend to go with comfy stuff that still looks nice with my shape. You don't really want to dress out of you're every day style zone (unless the occasion calls for it!) because then you'll get a guy who is looking for something your not.

    Just as a tip you can always wear confortable T's that have a cute look. Stripes for example. I know 'stripes' isn't a word people like to hear, but the line about them making you look fat is only half true. Thin, vertical stripes and broad, horizontal stripes will make you look wider than you are. But broad, vertical stripes and thin, horizontal stripes will make you look thinner.

    Above the knee dresses and skirts tend to grab a guys atention pretty quickly, but like I said, it's better to stay in your 'zone' for the most part.

    Okay, I didn't mean to type that much, but I hope I helped.

    P.S. If you want to give more info on your body shape I would be happy to help you out more.


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  • Well anything can look good on the right girl, but I prefer skirts and dresses. I like this outfit a lot: link

  • Short Black Dress (weather permitting)

    I love a woman that isn't afraid to show off the legs.

    Keep the cleavage down to a rounded neck...not sure about the v-neck it makes it look like you want the attention.

  • Find out what a certain guy likes on a girl (Boobs, legs, butt, etc.) and focus on dressing around showing that off.

  • This makes all girls look good. link

    • You know you agree.

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  • Something that suits the body shape, what sort of body shape are you? Then I can help you out further (: