What do you think of girls with tattoos?

Like, only one tattoo on arm. is that a turn off? I just want to know what you guys think. I'm thinking of having a little crown tattoo or an italic quote. I think its sexy and exotic but I don't know what others think.

BE HONEST and think smart


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  • As with most everything in life... it can be good in moderation. I've never liked seeing girls who turned their body into a human canvas, but one or two I like.

    Megan Fox is pushing it, but still hot. Taylor swift with the henna heart on her foot is so hot!

    Plus henna is temporary, which might be a good first step to see if you like it and what kind of feedback you get from friends or family. Seems to me like tattoos draw attention to that part of the body. That's why guys like to get something tattooed on their upper arms, so they can show them off. You might not want to do the arm. I like the suggestion of lower back. For me for some weird reason, top of the foot is just incredibly hot.

    Either way I don't really feel like one or two small tattoos either add or detract from a girls beauty. Just draws more attention, especially to that part of the body. So make sure it's a part you would want to draw attention to. More than that tho, with something this permanent, make sure you are doing it for you (personal significance or whatever) and not to impress anyone else. There's definitely easier ways to impress anyway.


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  • I generally always thought tattoos and piercings kinda ruin the natural beauty of people. I still admire and value girls who focus primarily on natural beauty - so generally for me, a girl having a tattoo says a lot about her personality.

    Places where tattooes can be sexy? I'd have to say the lower back (like a small feminine tatoo is cool; butterfly, angel, star kind of thing), the side of the neck, and sometimes right under the ear. That is to say, they're sexy when they're not obvious but rather revealed.

    I am certain there are guys who find full body art to be attractive and a turn-on, but I am far from being that kind of a guy. So whether or not you want to get a tattoo is a question of what type of guys you want to attract.


  • Personally, I think that it says a bit about the girl's personality. I don't think that she's super uptight or ultra conservative if she has a tattoo.

    If the tattoo is there and her explanation of it is "because I thought it was cool" or because she thought that others would like it or she's ambivalent about it, then that would be a definite turnoff.

    If, on the other hand, the tattoo meant a lot to her and was important to her as a symbol, I find that to be a very positive thing on a girl.

  • I don't think you're thinking in the right perspective if you're asking if men like tattoos. You're stuck with a tattoo for the rest of your life, you should be concerned with making sure you want it, and you're going to want it when you're 50.


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  • Don't listen to him. Go large, colourful and do it in style. Don't fart arse around with some stupid poxy little design, if you haven't sat in the chair for at least three hours its not a proper tattoo. This is coming from someone who's got a full back piece which took 20 hours to complete.