Guys, where do you think a tattoo look the hottest on a girl? I was planning on getting one on my waist on the back or on my right ankle...Also, if you can give me some ideas of WHAT to get...Thanks


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  • absolutely anywhere...there's nothing hotter that a chick with tattoos.its kinda like my kryptonite. I could fall head over heels for a girl I like( with tattoos) . my ex had tattoo on the wrist. she had an angle nailed to the cross.

    a tattoo on the back would be very nice. I wouldn't let anyone choose your tattoo cos it is for life so get what you think is the best design for you. whatever you get, I am sure its gonna be awesome cos you have the style to pull it off. =)


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  • Cant really give you any ideas about what to get but there is a new ink that can be removed easier

    its permanent but the die is easier to remove if you change your mind infinitink from link

  • on your forehead. just kidding.

    I like tattoo's on the woman's back. Not lower back, but on the center close to your blades. I think its definitely sexy. Also, having a tattoo there will allow you to hide it when you don't want to reveal your tattoo.

  • Every where! I love tattoos and there is nothing more attractive to me than a woman with lots of tattoos


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