Girls how to know if I have the face genes necessary to be man crush Monday or bae or daddy af and all that?

Is it mostly about lighting and camera quality angles etc? Because some mcm and baes look way worse than me facially. I mean to the majority of women by the way... not just one or two lol


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  • I find those things to be a waste of time.

    • But I am actually not a pretty boy or anything. I am a huge nerdy intellectual guy. I just happen to care only about academics (aka $$$$$$) and my looks.
      NOW I think I have the face genes necessary... but maybe that's just wishful thinking. But even if I don't look as good right now... how can I know if I will look as good as the popular man crush Mondays and baes when I am at my max (both face and body)?
      I realize there is a certain genetic requirement. How to know if I have it? Only looks by the way

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    • No clue. I don't pay attention to that junk.

    • Check out Nate Garner

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  • As I said before I think it is wider than that and different girls will have different tastes, some will go for personality above looks.

    • I'm talking about the guys on Instagram with 100 k plus followers. They only post selfies of themselves and get hundreds of comments from horny Girls around the world. Granted they are at their genetic max... but how can I know if I would be as hot at my genetic maximum? Both face and body?

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    • Hell no... I want hundreds of thousands of horny Girls to think I'm so hot...
      Some of the comments I read on some of the guys Instagram pages make me jelly... but motivated as well (one of the reasons I workout daily). BUT I wanna know if my face is good enough?
      I asked Girls here for their opinion and some said I was hot and cute... but others said I was only fine. Some said "you're not ugly... just not hot. You're Average."(ouch) and others said "you look perfect 😍 "
      SO what do I do?

    • I honestly don't know because we are at cross purposes - It means a lot to you and I don't understand why someone would think like that (Ok to each their own), I suppose ideally find a route that makes you happy and comfortable - I think when you are talking about the very top range of looks it is a mystery because if it wasn't a lot of people would do whatever it took to get there.


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  • Maybe grow some facial hair, get a nice haircut and see how the likes work after that. And also post relatable stuff or talk about how all women are beautiful or something. Cause it's not just the faces majority of the time

  • Some girls go for brains other than looks.


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