Exactly how do you tame down overly thick half nappy hair?

or at least I think that is the type of hair I been somewhat cursed with as a person who decent both white, black and caribbean folks.

Exactly how do you tame down overly thick half nappy hair?

anyways on the left is what my hair looks naturally without anything. on the right is how my hair looks straight out of the shower with gel. but oh well I well aware that I cannot make my hair look like it does straight out of the shower with gel, but I was wondering if there was a way I can make it look almost like this naturally?

should I use an specific type of shampoo or conditioner? is there an specific type of shampoo or conditioner that I should avoid using? should I start using botanical hair products such as hair mayonnaise, olive oil, relaxer, or whatever?

please I need a little help here. I'm getting sick of people calling me things like Afro Thunder


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  • While you wash it comb it out with a wide tooth comb. Use a leave in conditioner of your choosing as long as it says "leave in conditioner" it should stay moisturized throughout the day. I have thick curly hair and it's not nappy at all its beautiful. As for shampoo get one that does not have sulfate in it.
    Condition it after and rinse it out. That's when the leave in will come into hand.


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  • Your hair is thick with body. The same people who are making fun of your hair now will be jealous 10 years from now when they are half bald and is thinned out. If you don't like your hair texture get a hair cut and wear it close cropped

    • so does this mean that from now on I must use shampoo that have " thick with body" labeled one them?

    • Its best to find shampoos and conditioners made for thick or more coarse hair. You don't have an Afro so you wouldn't need to use typically black hair products. You prob want to look for products specified for thick curly hair, or mixed hair

    • oh well everybody says I have look like i'm growing a fro when I let it grow out any longer. but oh well screw them.

      but yea I think I remember using this one once and it worked out pretty good


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  • I nearly always say the same thing when hair questions come up consult with a barber for most accurate advice maybe one with training in black hair.