Girls, Can you help me with my hair dilemmas?

So how do I keep the frizz out of my hair make it look silky smooth? I need some different hairstyles which don't require any heat styling or minimum heat styling even. My hair is so frizzy and dead from all the straightening I do. And my other dilemma was how do I keep my newly dyed red hair from fading? I bought some of colour shampoo and conditioner from the salon that coloured my hair I had red more than once and it eventually faded but I want it to stay as red as it was when I first dyed it. I think my biggest mistake was buying from the drugstore shampoo and conditoner. I will add a pic of my natural hair and a pic of the red I got yesterday. Just so you can have a reference of both.
Girls, Can you help me with my hair dilemmas?

I am simply really bored of my hair routine and colour (not the red I mean the dark brown) either is straight or curly. I have crimped it and put beach waves in it before too.


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  • Thats the problem with red, its very high maintenance and when I had red hair for about 3 years I ended up having to touch it up every 3 weeks! You can go to the beauty supply store and buy some leave in condition cream or spray that should make it silky, blow drying it with a round barrel brush should help too. Make sure the cream or spray also has some heat protectant in it.

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