Girls, how can I pull off skirts in an outfit?

They're by far my favorite article but I'm not terribly confident wearing them, especially since I'm on the taller and thicker side.

I want to be able to wear them often but I can't seem to figure out how, especially with this black skater I have.



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  • Dark colored pencil skirts = rawwrrrr.

    Also, look for skirts with ruffle ends, that end just below the knees. You know, like mermaid skirts, but not as long as mermaid skirts. And with ruffles. Do you know what I mean? I hope you know what I mean. Lol.

    by the way, I'm 6'2" and I have always told the haters to stuff it. You know what's cool? When you have the attitude of "tell the haters to stuff it", you'll find that there really aren't very many haters.

    • I have no clue what you're talking about lol. I really should get a pencil skirt. I have sort of one that's a bit shorter, but it can be a pain go ahead sometimes.

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    • Why is that better? O. o

      I wear a 16 in dresses and pants. I have large thighs but since I'm tall the fst is distributed somewhat nicely on my body. I have a nice torso with good curves but that's about the only good quality...

    • I meant better because "built" sounds more like me. I'm like an armored tank in a dress and lipstick.


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  • Skater skirts/dresses should work really well, for you. If not, maybe go with something pleated. I'm the opposite of you, being only 5'2". My problem is that many skirts either look too long on me, or others look like micro minis, when they're not supposed to. I sometimes have to search around for something that fits anywhere around the knee. I may opt for something a little longer and roll or hike it up and cover the waist area with a sweater or a blazer.

  • Where legging?

  • Since you're tall maxi skirts will suit you really well. I also suggest pencil skirts because they go so well on everyone. As for what to pair skirts with this website will help you:

    • I guess all I really need is a cute denim skirt, a black (or coral?) Skater, and a maxi which I already have. I so wish I could wear them all the time but I don't think I look feminine enough to pull it off. They're my favorite though.

  • Pair it with nice shirt and heels/flats?

    What exactly bother you about them?

    • It's not as easy as that. You've got to have the right tops and shoes or it just looks stupid. I guess basically what I'm asking is what tops work best?