What do guys think of girls like me?

I have porcelain white skin with dark blue eyes and dark dark brown hair with deep red tint. I'm about 5'7 and wear about a size 5 pants and a 36D bra. I'm a dancer, mostly belly dancing and I love to ride dirt bikes as well. Aside from that I'm on A B honor roll in school in all AP classes. These among other things oh and I adore French, Lewis carroll, and invader zim. And though I was born and raised in south east Texas I speak with a northern almost British accent


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  • You sound beautiful, but the accent suggest that you might not be putting your real self out there. If you are still in fun mode, that can work fine. But if you are ready to find a serious relationship, it is important to be honest about who you are; be real.

    You have what many girls would kill for, "the look". Having the right personality should be the easier part. The other thing is, don't settle for some guy just because he says the right thing or has the good looks. Make sure he is a guy who has a good heart. Watch how he treats other people, that is how he will be treating you in a few years.

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  • You sound like a great build, but the fact that you have to ask that on a website posting great things about yourself that you even know are great...fishing for compliments. You also said pretty much what everyone likes in the opposite sex.

    Decent Eyes, Body, Hobbies, Smarts, and an Accent.

    Not meaning to be rude, but you should not have self esteem issues. Show confidence, guys like that very much

  • You had me whenj you mentioned your eyes and hair. A girl that rides dirt bikes, oh yeah. I don't hear to many of those, that's cool. And your smart in school =)

    I am from south tx actually =)

  • What do guys think IF girls like you? Is this your question?

    There's nothing wrong with being a lesbian. And if girls like you, then they are just admiring you and envious of you. You should be happy.

    What do guys think OF girls like you? Is this your question?

    If you display a lot of confidence, then guys will like you no matter what shape and size you are.

  • From what you've given us regarding yourself, I'd give you a thumbs up.

  • The invader zim part won me over. <3


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