Guys: What's your favorite perfume for girls???

the question says it all

or scents for girls to wear!


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  • I'll answer your question is just a sec but first...

    I think a girls and guys perfume/cologne should match that person's style. I recommend taking a moment and think about your favorite clothing store or where you spend the most money. Then go and speak with a sales representative from that store about their top seller and go from there.

    Also, location and amount is very important. You don't want a guy's eyes to water every time he walks by or dares to try and hug you! Waist and wrists are recommended for several reasons. Have you ever smelled a guys cologne and looked up to see who it was only to find several guys standing without a clue of who the owner might be? It's the same concept, if someone gets close enough to you to smell your perfume, you want them to be pleasantly surprised and know immediately who is wearing it (you).

    To answer your question though, there is only one perfume that will cause me to break concentration and make me do a double look!. Cool Waters for women, it's distinct and I enjoy it.

    Good luck!


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What Guys Said 3

  • not really familar with them at all so don't know whcih ones I like or don't like as I don't know there names or anything

    • Okay then what are you favorite scents????

    • I have no clue , usually my nose is stuffed and I can't smell much anyways , the odd time a girl might have a scent I like but that be very rare

  • one that smells like beer but I don't know what its called.

  • I like it when my girl wears Ocean by Michael Korr


What Girls Said 2

  • my boyfriend loves my perfume -gucci flora

  • My hubby loves my Dream Angels by victoria Secret!

    • I have that one it smells amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much!!

    • No problem, my ex brought it for me for my birthday, and now my fiance loves it, lol I guess guys really do like it :)