Why do guys find Asian girls attractive?

is it because we look exotic and that we are smart. or what? please explain thanks


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  • From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, the subtlety of curvature is what does it for me - less pronounced hip-to-waist ratio, smaller bust, just overall smoother features. Asian women tend to be thinner or at least carry their weight well, indicating a healthier lifestyle, which has an attraction all its own. I'm also a fan of a shorter leg-to-torso ratio, as it works better with my own body type. The contrast of the typically black, smooth hair against fair, smooth skin is a bonus. But the feature that always draws me is the eyes. As a photographer, it's like seeing a new perfect sunset with each new face. I've seen many beautifully and exotically colored eyes, but the shape, or "composition" of Asian eyes has a beauty all it's own.

    Yes, I've found Asian women tend to be more intelligent than the typical American woman. I also find that they tend to be more independent, less influenced by American societal expectations, and less likely to act as if they have something to prove. They are more likely to speak their mind rather than spout a sound byte they heard from a friend or the television. It all adds up to better company, better conversation, and a stronger friendship.

    I find that women of any race or ethnicity can be attractive and smart. My affinity for Asian women is no different than my affinity for buttermilk pancakes... just a preference.


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  • I love asian women...1. Because of their culture. 2. Because they tend to treat a man more like a man. I'm not saying a slave or obedient I'm just saying little things like. Back rubs and cooking and little things of that nature. 3. Small cute frames. 4. Tone and texture of their skin. 5. Innocence 6. Great sex...I think women of all ethnic backgrounds are smart and fun.

  • This is all about generalization, something that we people are very good at.

    I have a prejudice that asian and thai women are usually very attracted to white, aryan men. Am I wrong?

    Cause I have experienced this many times, that over mid age men traveling then finding and dating a beautiful asian (or indian) woman. Actaully having a neighboor that met his wife this way, happily married.

    To me there seem to be something special with this, white mid age man and asian woman thing.

    Asian women do often getting related with eternal youth, they look you and also behaving pretty much feminine overall. There are also due "old tradition" values between the male and female, from their own strict culture that some find attractive too...I guess.

    Me personally can find asian girls overall very cute but also as you say exotic looking.

  • It's a socio-cultural standard. That's the answer. There's no "logical reason" to find asians all that attractive.

  • I find girls attractive period. Any girl from any race can be attractive, why? Is that hard to believe?

  • no reason. its like any girl there is just somthing about them that catches someones eyes.

  • you're generalizing. A hot woman of any color will be noticed.

  • Well, since I have been stationed in Asia for about 6 mths now, I am a qualified man to say a few thngs about this- Asian women are very beautiful... seems like they have that whole 'eternal beauty' thng going on... very cute, sweet, always there, etc...

  • Its not because you look exotic, but its just because you are exotic. Proof: I'm Jamaican, and one day this girl says to me are you Jamaican? and I said yea and she was like me too. I had never so much as glanced at this girl the whole time I was in the class, but as soon as I realised she was asian, she was suddenly more attractive. Weird huh?

  • I find attractive girls attractive...

  • I don't

  • cause they're more alone than other girls and they're smaller

  • No. There is simply a ridiculous stereotype out there that Asian women are more tame, submissive and eager to please. Also, I guess many guys equate a petite body to a smaller vagina for some scientifically unexplainable reason. So, hopefully, men like an Asian woman for her personality and her own unique looks.

  • I signed up specifically because I'm extremely attracted to Asian women and as a white very good looking guy who would supposedly lean towards a very attractive white woman due to genetics it surprises me that all my ex girlfriends are asian. first off, not all Asian women are attractive just as not all whites are. i've gone out with three Asian women so far since the age of 16, one Indian/Bengladeshi, one Taiwanese, and one Korean. All three were smoke shows- and I think it's the goes beyond the delicate bone structure and exotic, very plush and hairless skin. There's also a cultural appeal. White chicks lack the open mind that Asian women have, to me at least, because they weren't raised in a singled out culture. They have an attitude that the world owes them something and latch onto the feminist movement. The girls i've dated have been very modest about their successes and still had the nurturing qualities I as a man like. White girls are either nurturing to the point where they are overly clingy and need you constantly or to the point where they aren't nurturing at all. I don't have yellow fever but damn, Asian women are very graceful to the rest...
    God bless

  • Relatively few are fat. Not many destroy their skin via tanning.

    Their can be other factors, but that alone explains a lot. Its not so much what Asian women have, its what so many non- Asian women throw away.


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  • I'm half Asian. I guess it's the stereotypes that some suggest. however, a lot of Asian girls do not fall under that stereotypically labeled category of meek, submissive and crap like that.

    I grew up with my mom who's Asian. she's far from quiet, submissive or anything like that. I'm like her-a rebel, loud, and straightforward. everyone is different. people should like people for the good traits and not their race. O.o just saying.

    • People can be so immensely and dynamically different it just doesn't make any sense.

  • I think it is because they have a look of innocence.

  • Why does anyone like anybody? It's all in personal preference. Not every guy is into Asians .
    My brother for example say's he'd never date a an Asian woman. Why? I don't know, i'm assuming because he doesn't feel an attraction.

    when I was younger I remember people would say they like Asians because Asians are "small" in everything! Which is stupid, it's just a stereotype.
    Some people are just attracted to that, and you can't help what you're attracted to, so there is not a solid response to this as it will differ from person to person.

  • I asked my boyfriend once about it (he is white and I'm filipino) he said it's not about the race or how I look like that makes me attractive, he said he just fell in love with me just because he did and he also said I am smart and pretty. but yeah he thinks i look exotic haha cuz of my mixed features.

  • They're curious what they're like in the bedroom. They also like someone a bit 'quieter'

  • my guy friend said it was because of the way they move

  • why do guys find white girls attractive?

    why do guys find black girls attractive?

    why do guys find hispanic girls attractive?


    I don't understand your question...