Why do guys find Asian girls attractive?

is it because we look exotic and that we are smart. or what? please explain thanks


Most Helpful Guy

  • From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, the subtlety of curvature is what does it for me - less pronounced hip-to-waist ratio, smaller bust, just overall smoother features. Asian women tend to be thinner or at least carry their weight well, indicating a healthier lifestyle, which has an attraction all its own. I'm also a fan of a shorter leg-to-torso ratio, as it works better with my own body type. The contrast of the typically black, smooth hair against fair, smooth skin is a bonus. But the feature that always draws me is the eyes. As a photographer, it's like seeing a new perfect sunset with each new face. I've seen many beautifully and exotically colored eyes, but the shape, or "composition" of Asian eyes has a beauty all it's own.

    Yes, I've found Asian women tend to be more intelligent than the typical American woman. I also find that they tend to be more independent, less influenced by American societal expectations, and less likely to act as if they have something to prove. They are more likely to speak their mind rather than spout a sound byte they heard from a friend or the television. It all adds up to better company, better conversation, and a stronger friendship.

    I find that women of any race or ethnicity can be attractive and smart. My affinity for Asian women is no different than my affinity for buttermilk pancakes... just a preference.