Girls, what do you think of guys wearing leather jackets?

yeah so a few months ago I decided to buy a $500 leather jacket, and ever since I get snarky comments from guys but yet the girls seem to think it's attractive (ie. eying me when I walk down the hall lol)... I don't understand it. Like even buddies of my buddies say snarky things behind me when I pass like "he thinks he's cool", "he thinks he's hard", etc. I am just wondering, what do you think? I like it, I think it looks good on me and personally I don't care about the comments... you don't spend $500 on something and only wear it out a few times.

You know, I feel pretty goddamn confident with my leather jacket on. Ever since I started wearing it, guys seem to be more intimidated by me... and it boosts my confidence when I am with the girl I am seeing as it makes her feel protected.


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  • F*CK what those dudes think! 99.9% of us girls here anyways say it looks DAMN hot so flaunt it baby ;)


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  • i personally have a leather bomber jacket and will let my hair go wild and long and I love the way it looks and how badass I feel (even if its only for a little while)

    so if you feel great and other people seem to dig it too, then you should enjoy the compliments and ignore your friend's jokes(:

  • Depends on the guy. Not all guys can pull it off.

  • I don't have that mentality at all. Maybe the guys are jealous because they can't pull off the leather? Haha. Either way, I personally find leather sexy on most guys. That's just me, though.

  • A lot of the appeal depends on the guy himself. Not everyone can pull off a leather jacket - and, likewise, not every outfit would complement it. But that's the girl in me talking. :) I find them very attractive on most men. While I could argue that, yeah, sometimes it makes a guy look arrogant/vain/conceited/etc. if your personality is at least tolerable then you have nothing to worry about! Snarky comments from your guy friends just mean they're jealous. ;P

  • Guys in leather jackets are hot. If you paid $500 for it and you like it, it shouldn't matter what anybody says about how you look, just wear it.

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  • My question would be; are you wearing it to make yourself feel secure, or because you actually like the jacket enough to spend $500 dollars on it? Why would you spend $500 on a jacket anyway? I got mine for $12, and it provides the exact same influence as described in your question.

    Guys will always be "snarky". It's politics, really. Take a look at girls and tell me that they aren't just as bad. Not only that, but it is partially your fault as well. Wearing a leather jacket all the time is the same as wearing sunglasses when you're indoors. You're kinda fishing for comments, whether they're good or bad.

  • Ok guys say sh*t behind your back not because they are jealous (like every girl on here imagines for no reason) but because anyone with any experience with men who wear leather jackets knows that 99% of the time the guy doesn't just like leather jackets. He's either an asshole, or a guy trying too hard to seem like an asshole just so he can get chicks, and yes they buy leather jackets specifically for that purpose. I call it leather jacket syndrome, and someone's probably going to make it scientific law sometime soon.

  • I'll do an update on my own answer... I used to have comments about my appearance shouted at me by guys, and girls actually liked my dress sense. So anytime I thought about a guy insulting me I'd think to myself, 'Just as well I'm not looking to chatup guys then, isn't it?'.

  • Could be several reasons, I used to get the same sort of things... A lot of guys think having something fashionable is 'gay' and a lot of guys just seem to pick on that in a somewhat homophobic manner. Jealousy is also a common one, if you own something expensive someone will often make you out to be a snob, they never assume its a one off buy. The comment about thinking you are trying to be cool or a hard man, is generally based from all those high school films where the cool kids and bullys wear leather jackets, in a way its like Grease or even just Fonze from happy days, I think a lot of guys can be quick to judge someone. Girls like whatever they think looks good, they don't automatically stereotype you for what you wear because of something unrelated. It probably has to do with the difference in male and female thinking patterns.

  • your guy friends might do this because you have what they want. Or they know girls may be more attracted to you than them

    if you like it, then wear it - f*** what those guys think

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