Ok, so I'm 5'9" ... is that TOO tall?

So, my cousin's wedding is this Sunday (VDay!) and I will be going with my boyfriend of almost 6 months. I am 5'9" and he is 5'11". I fell in love with these 4 inch heels I saw and I'll be wearing them to the wedding, which would make me taller than him.

Do you think he'd care? Do guys feels uncomfortable if their with a girl whose taller than them? Am I too tall to wear heels? Even though I absolutely LOVE wearing heels.


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  • I'm roughly 5'11". I've gotta admit that if a girl was taller than me it would make me feel a slight bit awkward simply due to not being around many girls that are taller.

    However, if I like the girl, it wouldn't matter nonetheless. Personally, for me, 5'9" is not too tall.

    Keep in mind that he'll have dress shoes on that will give him an inch in height. So if anything, you'll just be an inch taller than him, which is pretty negligible.


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  • No. It's not. It's really convenient. You are so much easier to kiss.

  • taller women and in heels. nothing better


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