Has anyone here whitened their teeth?

i'm talking like going to a dentist and having them do it the legit way. how much did you pay and how good were the results?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Nope. I hear that's extremely bad for the teeth. i don't get why people would want to do that to their teeth. o. O

    • If you use carbamide peroxide I heard it desnt wear down the enamel like hydrogen peroxide does. And also as long as you keep it off your gums its fine

  • Yup!

    My parents paid for it and it was covered by dental insurance so not sure what the final cost was.

    It was totally weird getting it done but my teeth were whiter then my hair for a few months.

    • covered by dental insurance? it's completely cosmetic though. what country do you live in?

    • United States

What Guys Said 1

  • I've used a home whitening kit; custom made (moulded) whitening trays (found on amazon, pm me for link) and a gel called Phillips Nitewhite zoom/ACP, 22% carbamide peroxide (which I imported from Amazon. com as it is only available from dentists in the UK).
    I paid £28 for the trays, and about £30 for each whitening gel set. I have had comments about how my teeth appear whiter, and they look white in photos now - however they do not look white in the mirror. Hence i'm just gonna reorder the gel and use it again, it does work though.