What attracts a guy to a girl?

This isn't a question for the shallow people out there, but I was just wondering, what is it that attracts guys to females. Is it the way they smell, look, talk, etc. Would really love to know. And is it all really based on how people look?


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  • Confidence and attitude. Of course physical appearance plays a huge role in attracting anyone. But to keep them interested, you've got to have a lot of confidence, and a positive attitude.

    You'll notice at bars, or anywhere you go, the ones who stand out are the ones that look happy. The ones that are talking to people, smiling, and laughing.

    Attractive men always get my attention, but I have to say, I don't recall giving out my number to any good looking man. Most of the guys I end up thinking about after I go home, are the funny, intellectual ones.

    As for women? Iv tried talking to attractive women before, and I have to say, a lot of them are pretty, annoying. They talk about the same thing, mostly, and it makes me lose interest. By the way, I am not Bi. I am just trying to make a point.

    Just be confident, and keep a positive attitude.


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  • I guess the answer to your question really depends largely upon the intent of the individual. If only for physical stimulation, Id say a girls looks and scent are probably of the largest priority. On the other hand if a guy desired a long term relationship then everything must be considered: that includes the way she handles herself, what she talks about, her interests, her looks. Id say some level of attractiveness is based upon looks; however, a lot is also based upon personality. It really depends on the guy.


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  • Appearance lets people judge their attraction to each other instantly, which is nice if you like eye candy (I do! ). There's a saying that in the first three seconds you interact with someone, you have already formed an opinion about them. But that's a really shallow basis; for a relationship to last, attraction has to be deeper than that, e. G. You must be attractive in personality, in intelligence, etc.