What outfit do you guys prefer on girls when at a party?

What outfit do you guys prefer on girls when at a party?
What's an outfit that would make you think she looked sexy, beautiful and not slutty?
Dress, pants, jumpsuit, high waisted skirt and crop top etc?
Color, tight/loose, sleeves/not, cleavage/not etc?
Jewelry, hair?


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  • Well there are several types of responses you get from guys for this rather open ended question.

    the immature party guys: crop top, short shorts, or mini skirt

    the horny guys looking for sex: anything as long as your a girl (although the above mentioned are probably preferred)

    the drunk guys: anything, they are so hammered that it doesn't matter

    the guys that were taken to the party by friends, who aren't actually doing the partying:
    non slutty clothing, that looks good and doesn't reveal too much (leaving some to the imagination)

    To be honest I am the last guy, I only go to parties if I want to hang out with my friends. I'll sit there and have a beer and talk to people, but I never get drunk, never do drugs, and never have sex. I am always pleasantly surprised when I am at a party and I actually meet a girl who isn't dressed like a slut. Even if she isn't attractive I love talking to her, because in a sea of crop tops, tank tops, and mini skirts, the modestly dressed girls always stick out to me, and since I am the kind of guy that likes that sort of thing I always like to talk to the well dressed girls. Unfortunately at the parties I go to its pretty uncommon to find a girl that is dressed modestly (at least by my definition of the word.) So I suppose it depends on who you are trying to appeal to. Do you want sex? Just show up in a crop top and short shorts like all the others, do you want attention? show up in a bikini, do you want to meet a guy who could be your boyfriend? Dress more modestly, it really depends.


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  • A handbag and steletto heals.

  • Crop tops drive me wild😍
    Anything sexy, classy, provocative, or combination thereof will do the trick👍

    • With crop tops, do u like it with something high waisted so that there's a small space that shows skin or are you more on the "show the rest of the belly"?

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    • haha ok thanks!
      have a black lace crop top and consider buying a red bordeaux pencil skirt?

    • That sounds great! Pencil skirts past knee are really formal, so maybe avoid that in my opinion. But sounds hot, esp the black lace crop top

  • Corp tops, dress i like!


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  • I am pretty sure most guy know nothing of fashion haha! But since its a party I say tight clothes.

  • I think most guys will like classy LBD with pumps