Girls, What can I do to make my eyebrows show better?

My eyebrows have always been really light and I wish for them to be darker. Anyone know a good way for a guy to do this? Is it possible or am I shit out of luck. Thanks in advance.


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  • There are dyes at the drugstore which are particularly made for eyebrows. I have light brows too. I hate it!

    • Yeah, I had a guy friend who was real into getting his eyebrows done. He was a good looking guy and really into grooming or whatever. And he talked me into once getting my eyebrows dyed at the barber shop with him.

      This was many many years ago and I forget how it turned out for me, but is this something you can do on your own? And will the dye leave like a stain around your eyebrows? I don't want to walk around with that on my face lol. I will look like a total tool and wuss.

    • You should get it done at the barber shop then. I am female so I wear make up on mine, problem solved. The barber should know what color to use and how to do it so you don't look weird.

    • Thanks for Most Helpful:)


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  • maybe get them done!

    • No, I changed my mind lol. It's just way to girly. After reading the comments from the others, I changed my mind lol. I don't even know if a girl is going to care that much.

    • Eh maybe! haha!

  • Eyebrow mascara. It's pretty easy to use. It's just like a typical mascara wand except you brush it on your eyebrows and it can change the color of your eyebrow/ make them darker or lighter depending on what shade you get. You can find them at any makeup store/ some drugstores possibly. If you're too shy to go buy at the store, you can always order online.