Girls, Do you dislike male body hair?

Do you hate and dislike lots of body hair in male body?
Do you like it when a man has his whole body waxed off / lasered off permanently smooth since he was otherwise a really hairy bodied guy?


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  • Yes take away all the body hair

    • Thank you. Laser is on its way lol

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    • Aww really? Thanks :) You can still follow me if you want, I'll follow back haha

    • Ok, am following you.

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  • In the looking and stuff, no
    But if i'm in love with someone with a hairy body i really wouldn't care

    • The big question being that can you be attracted to such really hairy guy to even know him?
      If yes, then will you make him wax certain parts smooth?

  • Not a huge fan, I'll be honest.

    Laser off the entire body - not hot either.

    • :/ :/ why isn't lasered off hot either?

    • Anyone with no hair is not attractive either.
      Pubic hair, hair on your head, on your arms and legs is important. It serves a purpose... Try google.

    • Lol hair on legs and arms is important! But torso hair is vain and useless?
      I see that you feel all places where female have some of hair is seen as important by you while places where men grow hair is useless and gross as in face, torso! Clever you!!! 👍👍👍👌

  • No body hair is better (apart from legs & arms). It's more aesthetic especially if you have a muscular body.

    • Why pitting "apart from arms and legs" clause?
      Why not have hairless arms legs as well? Why o why? Lol

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    • Robin Williams hairy arms and legs? 🤔

    • I mean being completely hairless is great too.

  • Yes, shave all that off!

  • Chest hair is SO GROSS!!!
    Beards are not so bad

    • So gross? Ohhhh sad to know. Sorry girl we guys are cursed with gorss body hair, can't help it , only we can do is try and keep it removed regularly. :'(

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    • Your most welcome

    • How about you show me your profile ;)