Why are some guys SO jealous?!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years and I've never cheated on him. Cheating is NOT my style but it seems like no matter what I say he doesn't believe me. Since he's been hurt in the past he thinks I'm gonna do the same things his ex girls used to do. What do I do because I'm not cheating on him and I want him to see that.


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  • This question most definitely works both ways. Plenty of girls are this jealous as well.

    Frankly, all you really can do is stay faithful to him and do what you can to earn his trust. While it is most certainly wrong of him to assume that you are going to cheat, you are going to have to make a choice. Either don't do anything that would get him to lose trust in you, or just break off the relationship if he is too unwilling to trust you.


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  • I wish here was a rule book for this one because I had this same issue with my ex. We went out for about two years and I finally had it with the accusations and lack of trust. I also have a jealous boyfriend now but we worked through it by doing the following so its a 50/50 I guess :)

    I would have a conversation ask why he feels this way. what situations or instances make him feel jealous? if you can find out what is bothering him wether its a specific individual, you have a lot of guy friends not girl friends (that was mine) or whatever it is. By finding the root you can address it in my case I was willing to find a middle ground on my guy friends and how much time I spent with them even random phone calls as a check in to show I wasn't doing anything as well as introducing them all. The ex didn't like it he just wanted something to wine about, but the current boyfriend immediate dropped it when he saw how I was willing to adjust my life in order to make him feel more at ease. And in turn asked to meet my friends before I even got to that point as a way to subside his nerve and jealousy and show his appreciation for me addressing the situation in a calm and collected matter. It can turn bad very quickly when trust and honor come into play because its hard to not feel insulted when someone you know you are completely devoted to questions you. Good Luck :)