Guys what are the things you do to feel and look handsome?

Just curious... I want to be positive from now on... I want to improve myself... for girls what does your boyfriend do that makes him look good


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  • I like when dudes have kinda long hair, or messy hair, i think that's so cute


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  • In my opinion, you should first of all feel confident – extreme shyness, incoherent speech and fear to look somebody in the face will never increase your handsomeness level, believe me. Apart from this, take care of personal hygiene – not a single girl will appreciate dirty hair or too long nails. One more thing – be tidy. Make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed. No holes in fabric are allowed! The same is about shoes – no dirt, only pure neatness. Besides, I think that girl would like you to be fit. If you don’t feel confident about this, go to the gym. This will be also good for your health, by the way. Bad habits may also matter – some girls can take a dislike to you for smoking, for example. And one more advice – try to be stylish. Tidy clothes are a great method, but it would be even better if you dress in an elegant way. Don’t forget, that details are essential in this case. You can improve your look with a nice accessory. For instance, a tie or a wristwatch. Really nice and reliable wristwatches are usually rather expensive, but this store has a good offer. You can find there a discount Rolex watch - ErmitageJewelers. com. I really hope this will be useful! Good luck to you!


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  • Well... I was overweight earlier, and I put in efforts to slim down. Now I feel much more confident and attractive. But the irony is, I have no interest in 'chasing' girls, and I'm just focusing on my career and professional life! :P

    • Ohh are u lifting weights? Or just fat burning routines?

    • You'll be surprised to know! I never worked out or indulged in any form of physical exercise. I achieved weight loss solely through a low fat, low carb diet!

    • Of course no matter how much you exercise but if u eat a lot then it is not effective. Need to discipline eating habits too...

  • Brush teeth, trim up the face fuzz real neat, and bust out 50 push-ups to pump the blood, you're ready.

    Just look in the mirror and tell the guy in it that you one sexy muthafucka😎

    • Ohh hygiene really make us feel good

    • Hygiene and confidence. Make no mistake, confidence is an article of clothing, and people immediately take notice when you where it.

    • I can be hygienic but I don't have confidence

  • I lift, drive Silverado and wear crop tops at practice. It's ok, I look jacked in em