What's wrong with my FACE?

Okay so 5 days ago, I woke up and I had a bump on my face and it was red all around it.

I didn't know what it was, so I washed my face and nothing. I also later tried out a spin brush my mom has, & it made my skin red, and it burned REALLY BAD, it was extremely irritated. I also used my toner, & moisturizer after using the spin brush. And my face was still irritated and burning.

I continued to use that, but I stopped because everything I put on my face would burn and irritate it. And later on, my chin and the skin around the bump felt like sandpaper it was so rough and dry.

I started using cortizone and it reduced the redness and irritation. And my face was getting a little bit better but the tiny bump was still there:/ and it was still pretty red.

I later decided to try an avacado & oatmeal mask. And it felt good on my face I rinsed it off and waited a few hours and I put some more on because I liked it so much. And after the second time I rinsed it off I waited a bit and I looked in the mirror and the skin on the bump and my chin was literally PEELING off my face! And now my face is bleeding because I peeled some of it off.

Whats wrong with my face? I don't think the bump formed from an allergic reaction. Because I didn't use anything that I don't typically use on my face. And I have school on Monday! I don't want to go to school looking like this:/ we are currently out of school because of the snow and sleet we have been getting where I live so that's why we don't go back till Monday.

Can anyone help me?


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  • You should ask a dermatologist


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  • It sounds like you got a zit, and the things you tried to get rid of it dried out your skin so bad it started to peel. Try an oil-free face cream and a tiny amount of treatment right on the zit.


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  • " And my face was getting a little bit better but the tiny bump was still there:/"

    if you don't want to wake up w/ pimples, sleep on your back.

  • maybe you should see a doctor..
    some people would be allergic to many cosmetics.. if you are one of them, you should find the cosmetic which is health for you

  • You wrote all that... About a fucking zit...


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