Do guys care about what what a girls bra/underwear looks like?

Do you like it if they match, have patterns, are a certain style, cool colors, etc?


Most Helpful Guy

  • In the end it doesn't matter, what happens after they get taken off is what guys really care about

    You can get bonus sexy points for sure though by having cool underwear. I love seeing girls thongs at college, makes walking between classes so much better.

    Black underwear is sometimes said to mean the girl likes/wants/dressed for sex, so that's a good color to fall back on I guess

    Pink is the girliest color imaginable too, so can't really go wrong there. Sometimes girls who are too girly are really offsetting though (usually bitches/stuck up) and a lot of pink sometimes gives me that impression (it just reminds me of a barbie doll). It might be wrong of me to think this (I should look up if it's been answered) but other guys might inherently think that sh*t too I guess.

    I dig lacy stuff too, not even necessarily lingerie, fancy panties do the trick. Not every guy cares though, but obviously it's not just me (playboy has plenty of lingerie issues so there's demand out there).

    I really don't think matching is something guys even think about, unless the dude works in the fashion industry or something. If your panties had a smiley face and your bra was some victoria secret thing, I wouldn't give two halves of a sh*t, I'd just keep undressing you.

    So yeah in the end it's really not even on a guy's list of things we really look for, it's just something we notice from time to time if what you got hit the spot. Don't worry too much about it. If you ever want to know for sure just ask your boyfriend, he might even take you to victorias secret and buy you what he wants to see on you (always a blast if we have the money).