Am I really that unattractive?

the questions basically in the title. just look at my pics and tell me the truth


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  • Not at all dear. Which begs the question, why would you think so? Obviously something has made you feel that way. If it is, guys not approaching you or showing interest, intimidation is a possibility, along with many others. If it's guys telling you you're ugly, take it with a grain of salt. People are (_o_)s at times, and you shouldn't let those peoples opinions cloud the reality of a situation, in this case, the reality that you are very pretty.

    • Ive been called ugly 3 times in the last week so I had to ask. guys usually don't go for me because I'm considered one of the guys..unfortunately

    • As I said, there are a number of reasons people put others down, and very rarely does it have to do with what they're saying being true. Whatever their reasons, rest assured I'm sure there are many more people that see you as the attractive young woman you are, than those who would say otherwise hon. And I feel your pain on the second part. I'm always the best guy friend=p Always the bridesmaid never the bride *sigh* =P

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  • You're beautiful; get those things out of you lip.

    I'd give you a 7

    My definition of a 7 - top 20%-11% of the population.

  • wtf! No your very beautiful!

  • Your pretty cute if someone told you, your not there full of crap


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  • You're adorable.. I always felt awkward as a teenager too- really insecure. It fades with time. My mom would always tell me "..don't let the turkey's get you down" Makes no kinda sense but it helped! Haha.. I want to get my lip pierced too- so cute :)

    • Those turkeys can be vicious. As they should be, they have a vendetta against us, what with the hunting, killing, and eating them every thanksgiving o.O

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    • Mhm but they're yummy

    • Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder.. :D Ahh thanksgiving a yummy helping of 'roid ragin' turkey with a side of cranberry sauce.. Can't wait..

  • No you are not ugly. Very pretty face, nice teeth blue eyes, blond hair & a great body too.

    Things will happen for you soon.

    I agree with outofmyelement43 take those things out of your lip. Maybe that's what's scaring the guys.