White guy looking for a black girl?

I have always had this attraction for black girls. How many out there would really appreciate a long haired, rocker type?


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  • I'm a black girl and I like long haired rocker types. Well actually I don't have a specific type. I didn't think rocker types generally liked black girls but it's nice to know that some do.

    • Yea well don't call me weird or anything but I've had an infatuation with dark skinned females. I like their attitudes and they're not really plain like most of the white girls I have dated. lol

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  • for one I think its cute but I'm a bit young I'm 17 so yea but I would love to date a white guy and long hair rocker type its hot but good luck on your search

  • Lol how you just exampled your self.. your the kind of guy I go for :DD

  • If you are attractive to the girl then she would appreciate it. It all depends on the girl and what her type is. Also you might not even be her type but she could like you anyway. Just approach the girls you are into and work from there.


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