Can you put a surgical steel hoop (like from tattoo shops) in 2 ear piercings?

Like ear peircings. I have piercings on both lobes. It's hard finding earrings that won't make my peircings swell up and get infected. Surgical steel is the only kind that won't irritate me anymore. I can wear normal earrings but theyou just start to irritate me after awhile. I have some really good quality expensive earrings that I wish I could wear but they irritate me after a few weeks. But I thought maybe I could put a hoop in 2 peircings. I only have 5 surgical steel hoopa though. Is it safe though?
And I meant surgical steel like these but with 2 balls or spikes on them (I couldn't find a picture like those)
Can you put a surgical steel hoop (like from tattoo shops) in 2 ear piercings?


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  • Yes - but with a smaller gauge.

    • Mine are about 18 I think. I don't know the scale but I'm pretty sure it's the second smallest

  • Yes those are safe for ears, and a lot of the time a tattoo shop will use these for new cartridge piercings. As long as they are properly cleaned before wearing, you should be fine.

    • Thank you

    • You're welcome.
      I've had almost every possible place pierced, and like you; I have sensitive skin.
      All of my piercings had jewelry like this at some point ( just make sure its high quality)

    • I really hate having sensitive ears. It seemed to have started when I got the 3rd peircing at the mall (I was with family and really wanting my 3rd one) I don't think the last knew what she was doing. Walmart did a better job on my first and 2nd and this was Clairs that did it.