(Adidas) Mundial Goal IN Shoes, OR Samba Shoes?

Samba Shoes(Adidas) Mundial Goal IN Shoes, OR Samba Shoes?

Mundial Goal IN Shoes

Guys which would you choose? Ladies which pair do you think looks better on a guy?

  • Mundial Goal IN Shoes
    60% (3)0% (0)30% (3)Vote
  • Samba Shoes
    20% (1)80% (4)50% (5)Vote
  • Neither
    20% (1)20% (1)20% (2)Vote
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  • Sambas are absolutely the best! A classic shoe that still looks great after many years. Adidas doesn't change it for a reason - they still are so popular. BUT make sure you get the Samba Classic (with the larger tongue). They are the original version that was used for football play on hard turf surfaces. I think the larger tongue in these shoes looks much better than the later version they made with the small tongue.. But that's just me..