How do I break the ice with talking to girls?

I'm a 19 year old virgin, weigh about 280ish...and I've just never had the courage to go and talk to girls, I've had one girlfriend that was like a week long because her life was to hectic, I really need help!


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  • tell a joke, or like non_vague said use a ice breaker just don't over do it. you might come to find that a lot of us women like the shy guys, because it just means that they have a lot to tell and say, it also means that the talks will probably never get boring because the girl is your girls to tell everything to. Also, please do not rush into sex right away just because you are a virgin.

    • Wow... that THE MOST positive thing I've ever hear bout shy people... and being one, I realize you are totally right... You miss are awesome... Please spread the word...

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    • Comfort of having someone next to her in bed, she just got out of a 2 year relationship a little while her my friends ex and another girls were supposed to sleep in the bed but the one girl left and my friends ex slept on the couch....i was tempted to go into the room and sleep in the bed because I didn't wanna sleep in a chair, but I didn't and then in the morning the really attractive friend was upset no one slept with her......should have I gone for it?

    • No what you did was fine, If you did she would have been happy yes, but later if you guys hang out more shell appreciate that you didn't. Its confusing yes. but in the end it will all make perfect sense. Just ask to hang out with her more now, that is the next step bud.


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  • Go to a concert or a show, something that YOU'RE interested in and like. Take a few friends (because noone likes to fly solo) and scope out the place for anyone that you find attractive. Stand near them (if its a concert) and strike up a casual convo about a song you love or something. Going to a concert is kind of thinking ahead of the game because if you both have the same taste in music (which is a given since you're both there), then you're bound to have more stuff in common as well. Also, you never know, someone might approach you as well :) Good luck!

  • it may be hard but at this rate you gotta put yo fears behind and start talkin to girls. Girls like big guys. so don't think about that.


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  • You can break the ice with the ice breaker, it works quite well... if you don't have one, you can also grab a hammer and just pound it really hard...

    • Who every thumbed/ing me down... screw u.. maybe I should break the ice on ur face

  • eh, do you have girls who are friends? maybe a sister or cousin might help. talk to them and notice their reactions.. get em to bring you out with their frens, and perhaps intro you to them..