Running shoes, what do you think of them?

What do you think about guys wearing running shoes in the everyday life? Like these for example link

I love wearing them but I don't see a lot of "cool" guys wearing them on the street.

I forgot to say in my comment to redislush:

I was thinking of wearing them to school, the library, shops, the cinema, caf├ęs and so on. Basically to most everyday activities.


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  • My oppinion is that people that have confidence (not up them selves) look a whole lot better than someone who is wearing the latest brands but with their head bowed down low... Confidence is a natural drawstring for me and a lot of other people. If I'm walking down the street, I look good and I know it and I'm comfortable with it people do look my way more than usual. Either way, I don't mind the running shoes.. but it depends what you wear them with and where you are. Most guys and girls just wear thongs/flip flops here. But if you love wearing them, then wear them! If your comfy, then your comfy and why should it matter what any one else thinks? It's not their comfort your looking after..

    • I was thinking of wearing them together with dress pants, chinos, khakis or other comfy clothes.

      I know it is bad to worry too much about what others think, but I still don't want to look like an idiot or a looser.

    • I wouldn't agree with dress pants but the rest sound fine to me. :)


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  • I like running shoes, on guys or girls. I think it's more attractive than whatever the trend of the season is.


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  • I only wear them for gym I think they look out of place otherwise

  • my opinion : style and fashion doesn't matter... the important things is the suits , comfort , durability , more cushion and lightweight...