What crazy colour should I dye my hair?

What crazy colour should I dye my hair?
Hi so this is a picture of me and my normal hair colour in a slightly yellowish lighted room. Online skin tone quizzes tell me that my skin undertone is either warm or neutral. In case you can't see the picture, my colour matches closely to the colour called exotic in the colour chart in this link: http://ladyfabuloux.blogspot.sg/2011/05/whats-my-skin-tone.html (the first picture you see when you open the page).

Hair history:
I got redish brown highlights in December 2014 that have faded to a light brown that looks like blonde. I got my hair dip dyed in October 2015 to a darker redish brown which is more brown than red. My hair length is currently mid back (about 4 inches past bra hook from the back).

I was thinking of dip dying my hair ash blue with an ombre effect. But I don't know how that will turn out against my skin. I've tried google but I only see people with fair skin. I want to avoid colours like yellow, green and purple. I'm open to light pinks (ash pink for example) as long as they're not bright. But I would really prefer blue shades (light blues, not dark). I love bluish green colours like teal and turquoise and cyan, Also try to find a picture of the hair colour you recommend. (black to *colour* ombre as I will not be dying my roots. I want to avoid that as much as possible) So my natural brownish black hair will go to wherever it reaches by late April (my hair length will be at waist length by then) and from wherever my previous dip dye starts, I will bleach it and then colour. Also any tips on how to maintain blue or pink or any colour you recommend would be amazing. (differences between toning and bleaching? I've only seen it mentioned in my research once.)

Anything I do, I'll be doing it from home with help from a friend who has done bleaching and colouring herself before.


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  • You'll need to go dark I think. And you'll need it done professionally. You said it faded before, keep in mind it might do it again.

  • Midnight blue. Like reallllly dark navy blue goin out to an electric blue