What do you think of the Balbo and Anchor beards?

Balbo -

Anchor -

  • I like both
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  • Balbo
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  • Anchor
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  • Neither
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  • depends... if your facial grows naturally like that or close to it than yeah go for it BUT if you have thick facial hair cutting designs like that seems kind of tacky like you want attention or somthing.
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It doesn't have to be cut exactly like it is in the videos but I was just giving an idea of a design.


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  • I don't like either of them really.

    • for some reason I like how my beard looks when the mustache is disconnected from the beard... I don't know why but I just prefer it.

      I also find it weird that I don't really like how it looks though in a photo but in a panoramic mirrors when I'm trimming it looks great (it seems to be that what looks best on me in pic is a light beard/heavy stubble).

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  • Try the Van Dyke from Pierce Brosnan or if you don't want that much beard, go with David Backham's Van Dyke with stubble/scruff around.


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