How to tan naturally?

I've never tried sunbeds as they're dangerous and use high UV rays or whatever the shit happens in those things. And I don't want a spray tan or fake moose tan because I may get orange and i'm not sure, I don't like anything with the word "fake" in it, I just want a natural glow from the sun itself.
I've never been dumb or forgetful enough to go outside in the summers without sunblock, but I know for a fact sunblock won't restrict you from getting tan but it just doesn't let the sun get beneath your skin, causing skin cancer. And i'm pretty sure I don't want skin cancer, thanks.
I'm Irish hence being pale, not like pale af, but pretty damn pale if you get what I mean 😂
Are there any special products you put ontop of sunlotion or any techniques? I can't tan, i've tried, it doesn't work. Thanksss


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  • Well the sun is the only way

    • nah you can fake tan with a moose or spray tan. Or you can use a sunbed, or a tinted moisturizer, or a body bronzer. Still though I wanna go full on natural.

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    • Ok. Sunbathe between 10am to 3pm. Thats the right time. Oh and its melanin thats produced. :)

    • Ohh I knew it started with an m

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  • The Sun is Not good for you to Just lay out in it and bake like a lobster, @PeachSunset. However, in the summer, You can Run, play, swim and do all sorts of things in This With Vitamin D, as long as you wear a Good sunscreen for protection so you do Not burn.
    I have been Lightly Tanning for over 10 years now in the sun beds but there is away to do it so you do Not look like a leather bag and have Never had a problem.
    However, if you are the sort of fair skinned maiden who cannot Tan, then you probably would be wasting your money anyways in the tanner.
    No, leave those sunless lotions alone. I have used them and turned Orange and doesn't Look Natural.
    Go easy on your skin at your tender age. Start Now to moisturize so when you are Older, your skin can still Look... Not Fake.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, I heard that some fake tans look natural and give you a beautiful olive glow if you spend good money on it, the cheap ones supposedly make you orange. But either way i'm not about it. I also moisturize head to toe every day as I do it after my showers. Thank you for the advice and safety precautions. :))

    • Oh, so welcome and I know you will be fine down this glowing line.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, @PeachSunset, and as a matter of tan today, I am going in a few hours for showers. lol xxoo


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  • Spend one year in Brazil, our sun will burn you and you'll tan with no problems ;)

    • Its kind of too late to plan that extravagant of a trip, plus since its so extravagant o_O we can't. It gets up to 120 degrees here and we rarely get clouds in the sky so its not like I'm in England or the North East of North America where its always cloudy. But I went to Hawaii last summer with my mom.. HAWAII, I spent tons of time on the beach, STILL NO TAN!!! lmaoo :((

    • wow, so I'm afraid you say that you're hopeless xD.

  • The Sun is the only natural way?

  • Sunlight is the only way

    • Lmao no
      You can go to a sun bed, use a spay tan, use a moose tan, you can use a tinted moisturizer, and use a body bronzer.
      But I want a natural tan.

    • And that's what I meant sunlight for the natural tan

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  • Yeah... Sunbeds nowadays don't use harmful rays... just the ones that help you tan.
    The sun is the most dangerous option by far.

    • Well if I use a high SPF sun lotion, which I apply every half and hour, of course it won't fully protect me, but it won't let the sun get any deeper than the first later of my skin (the outer layer), and it won't block the sun from tanning me, but from damaging my skin. I also would wear sun glasses and a broad hat to protect the sensitive scalp of my head which you should never tan.

  • You sound like my mother.
    She has a routine: everyday of summer go out tanning before it starts to be too hot for about 3 hours (Idk for sure because I hate tanning and the sun 😂). At the end of the summer she has a darker skin tone than me (I'm kinda dark compared to her).

    • Lmao me as a mother in a few years right there.. 😂😬
      But at least you don't have a mom who naturally has beautiful olive skin and you get stuck with your dad's skin color, I lit look like a marshmallow lmao.
      But maybe I should do what your mom does, my body just refuses to let me tan :( And we all know how good tan legs look with shorts

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    • haha true thanks, but I have dark brown hair so its odd, I look like a modern snow-white. I mean thats not bad, but if I decide to video chat a person for the first time or something they go "DAMN YOU'RE WHITE AF" and even in real life, when I come back to school I never get that comment "Woah, you got tan over summer!" 😂 I'll just have to accept my pale skin, thanks

    • If it works for mom, I don't know why it shouldn't work for you too. 😁

  • If you are naturally pale you look best when you are pale. Trust me, people who are naturally tanned look best when they are tanned. If you are super pale you will look really weird with a tan.

    • oh haha i'm not THAT pale, just kinda pale. But I have hazel eyes and dark brown hair. And there was this ONE, just one time when I got a tan (i forgot to include it) and I got tons of compliments and I actually looked good. I've been trying to mimic what I had back then (which lasted a week only) but my body will no longer cooperate :((

  • I'm already naturally tan 😊

  • the sun is the only way hah

    • Lol no I meant how can I tan. I don't want a fake tan leaving me obviously with the sun as the only way, its just that I can't tan in the sun so I needed someone to tell me techniques like how long my sessions in the sun should be, any product to increase melanin, etc.

    • Oh okay.. I wish I could help but i tan easily in the sun, so I wouldn't know which products are the best, sure there are some that can help u tho :)

    • its ok ((:

  • just go out in the sun. when you sleep make sure the sun is facing you..