How do guys like their girls to dress?

My guy friends tell me my style is feminine tomboy and I don't know if that's good or bad. What way is attractive to guys cause my boyfriend tells me I need to dress less boy more girl but what's attractive without being trashy? I'm not saying I'll like it but I'm willing to try it before writing it off.


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  • Typically, I hold a girl's clothes up to 2 standards:

    1. I don't want to be embarrassed to be seen with you. As much as I might love her, I would not want my girlfriend to go out in public wearing a halter top, fishnet stockings, too much makeup, and hooker-red lipstick. Don't wear something that would make people think badly of you, on either end of the spectrum. Don't look like a slob or a hooker, but don't look like Rich Little Princess, either. Just wear something that's both nice and casual.

    2. Like yourself. I hear all the time about "This dress makes me look fat!" or "My top doesn't make my boobs look bigger, and I don't want people thinking I have small boobs." Be happy with yourself. Wear something that makes you say "I look pretty good in this top." Your self image is WAY more important than what clothes you have on. Even if I think you look great, listening to you complain about yourself only makes you less attractive.


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  • Personally I would be offended if my guy friend told me that. like being called a dyke. you could try heels. there a fun way to make a plain outfit sexy. even flats are a nice way to pull a more stylist look together. and heels are definitely not tomboy. Fitted clothes, show off your body in. You could also try, girly details on clothing or your accessories like lace, or ruffles, a pretty necklace. DONT OVER DO THEM subtlety is beautiful. You know like a little, make up looks better than alot? I'm not sure how tomboy you dress, but if your wearing boys clothing or super baggy, simple change fitted womens clothes. you won't look tomboy. Trashy will be showing to much.There's a rule its if your showing off sexy legs do not show the cleavage or showing off cleavage no legs. BTW wet seal & FOREVER 21 are some good shopping places for new girly sexy clothes, and both very affordable. good luck tell your guys friend shut up. :)