Which one means the most to you?

which one means the most to you???? would you rather have a person who is fairly attractive, well established, and hilarious.... or would you like a person who you can't keep your eyes off of???? someone who captures you with how gorgeous they are..... you can't keep your hands off of them......!!!!!


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  • I think that's the thing with real attractive ones is that they tend to be pursued even by people who know your in a relationship. And there is the risk they will move on because of all the offers. But if they look good and can't carry on a conversation, then it's kind of any empty relationship anyway. I guess I'm lucky because a lot of women are gorgeous to me who others might find as more ordinary.


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  • Depends on if your wanting a relationship or just a fling I guess. I've been to both those places. Personally the ones who were the fling had a bad boy thing to them....and none lasted more than 2 months. The other scenario......I was with one of them for 2 years and it grew to the point where I found him extremely attractive and couldn't keep my hands off him.

    Then there was the bad boy hot guy that I was with off and on for 5 years.....and finally I came to realize we were NOT meant for each other. I loved him so much and now I can't understand why I loved him that much when it was obvious he didn't have as strong of a love for me. I wasted at least 3 of those years. The first round was the better one, ya know....teenage puppy love.

    Now I'm with someone who is attractive, funny, romantic, giving, and passionate who I'd love to put my hands all over.....BUT he's deployed =( Till December.....but in DECEMBER! RAWR! LOL

    • That's soooo good!!!! I can't wait to share the same experience.... good luck with your relationship.... kudos!!!!!

    • Thanks! I've been waiting awhile for a good guy like him. Helps when your friends for awhile first! We were friends for about a year and 1/2 first.

  • Why can't they be gorgeous (to you), hilarious, smart, etc..Go for the whole package! Yes, they do exist (male and female).