What is the most romantic thing a guy has done for you?

just curious to what guys do


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  • My boyfriend does plenty of romantic things for me, that it's kind of hard to choose the most romantic thing he's ever done. Like one time, I was wearing heels and I was walking in them for hours, and my feet were getting swollen and were hurting really badly, and he just picked me up and carried me bridal style until we got to the car. I also just love how he always cuddles me, hugs me, kisses me or holds my hand whenever we're together. I always find that really romantic. He also always drives out to see me even when he's tired (we live about an hour away from each other), and during the days we don't see each other, he talks to me for hours and tells me how much he misses me and loves me.

  • My boyfriend and I moved out of state and away from our immediate family. I came up to visit for a few weeks after christmas and it was new years eve. I had never even had a boyfriend during new years so I never had a New years kiss... I was so upset that he wasn't there with me and I had been talking to him all day telling him how much I missed him and wanted him there and he just kept telling me that he just couldn't take the time from work and wished he was there. Well were talking on the phone and it was about 15 minutes before midnight and he told me he just wished he was there and I said the same thing back. All of a sudden I look up and he's walking down the stairs into the basement on the phone with me. He drove 7 hours just to kiss me at midnight. He was driving practically ever time I was talking to him haha. Has to be the most romantic thing that has EVER happened to me. I will never forget it.


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